WE not ME

The other day a good friend posted on his facebook page a statement about how b,d,p and q are all the same letter and that no one is talking about it. I laughed out loud. This morning I thought the same thing about W and M but my mind went a little further than the humorousness of it all. When you write these letters on lined paper the W is a forever giving letter and the M is closed off. Then I thought about “We not Me.” Can you see where I am going with this?

The word We is inviting and forever giving. If you poured water in one side of the W it flows into the other side. We looks like two people standing together holding hands with their arms raised and outstretched. As compared to the M which gives me the imagery of one being bent over and trying to contain all of what was received to oneself. Can you see what I see?

As a society, if we want to thrive not simply survive, we must shift to more of a WE mentality rather than Me. We is limitless while Me is self-contained and so finite. Can you imagine having leaders, including elected officials, who flipped the M over and began to invite whomever they are leading into the decision-making process? This kind of partnership creates an overflow… surpluses… abundance. It creates buy-in to ideas and loyalty. It also facilitates creativity and innovation. It may look as if someone is “winning” when one gathers as much as one can for oneself and it gets contained inside the space controlled only be oneself. At a certain point, all that consuming and taking begins to destroy the possessor. Imagine continuously, filling that open space of the M with water for only the M to benefit from. You have to place that M on lined paper to contain all that it has received. Any shift or movement to that M the that water will begin to leak; and staying in the same place only to keep all the water to itself…well it becomes stagnant and useless.

The words “We” and “Me”, visually, tell a story. Just like Us vs I. “We” is word that visually connotes sharing, connectedness and freedom. “We” is the answer to our individual and societal ills. Let us not just have a mantra of We not Me; together let us all flip upside down to move from Me to We.

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