You may be wondering why my name is not on the ballot after announcing that I got more than the required number of signatures.  As I went through the process of gathering signatures for the Democratic ballot, I noticed much apathy and/or anger towards politics as a whole. Even through my own experiences I have always been suspicious of the process as well, and the advice of those wanting to maintain the status quo.  As I engaged citizens, asking them to sign my petition, I felt uncomfortable with how I was being required to use people as a means to an end.  

But, I believe in democracy. I believe I am running for office to model the behavior of what elected officials were intended to be. And, I know I had to make a decision… do I continue playing by the rules which are rigged and inconsistent living in a democratic republic, or do I become the voice of the people?  I decided to be their voice.  That is why I will now be running as an Independent candidate.  Very few people fit into the either of the two party system. They feel forced to choose.  Forced to fit their ideas into well-defined systems, neither of which work towards the people’s best interest.  Meanwhile, these systems are working very hard to maintain themselves on the backs of the people, and  the few that do benefit from this system, are doing so at the expense of the greater good. 

This is why I have decided to step out and actually listen to the people. Listen to their problems and their solutions. Take what they say back to the experts to discuss the feasibility and means to accomplish the community’s plan.  Then before any further action is taken, bring that plan back to the people for their approval. Our current form of government has the elite deciding what should work for the many, then taking it to the people for approval… lacking a responsive and functional democratic republic.  We see this breakdown in government by the mere fact that we have more citizens living in poverty than we do those securely living in the middle class.  We still have people living on the streets and many more who are just one ER visit, or one cut shift away from being homeless.  We still have too many able-bodied individuals without jobs or earning livable wages. For too many of us, we feel our communities are not a reflection of what we want; they are a reflection of decisions made in behind closed doors that we’ve been systematically shut out off. It’s time for this to change.

I have chosen to run as an Independent to declare that I am independent from the Machine and Interdependent on the Community. I believe WE THE PEOPLE… FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION! I want to make that happen in 2019, but I could not do it following the rules of a system which has consistently ignored the voice and the needs of the many.  I declare that we need a new civil rights movement. Not simply about racial equality, gender equality, sexual orientation, etc.  Not a movement that gets boiled down to the tired Us v. Them.  We need a movement that dives deeper than the two party system towards true democracy. We need liberty and justice for all now. It is time that we be who we say we are.

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