We Love To Hate

It seems to me that we love to hate rather than love to love. When I use the word we, I am narrowing it to Americans because I do not have enough knowledge or experience to speak for the world. When I used we, I am speaking of every race, gender, age and any other categorization you can think of making up us as Americans. I know for a fact there are individual Americans that this statements is not true for but as a collective society we thrive on hate.

Let me explain myself… lately I have been scrolling through social media. I started looking at other people’s posts. Even reflecting back on my own over the years. I noticed a pattern of issues raised or the language used to celebrate successes. Language is a very powerful thing! Admittedly, I am not always very successful in my own use of it. But our choice of words speaks to what’s in our hearts. Anyway, as I scrolled I began to make connections.

So my Black friends post about issues of racism but rarely do I see them either posting positive engagement between racial groups or railing against human trafficking or Native American plight which is essentially collateral to ours. I find that my LGBTQ friends, regularly posting to make sure everyone is aware of their plight but more often than not there is shame or blame placed on others who do not see things through their eyes. I see post for women’s rights and all those who have failed to respect the needs of women or have exercised power over woman in destructive ways. Because of my own bent/biases I find myself reading posts from the socially conscious who support all the movements to make things fair and just for all.

Here’s the thing our language is filled with hatred rather than love for those whose points of views are or appear to be adverse to our own. I am also guilty of this at times. We want to make things right by fighting for equal rights. Are we all not flips sides of the same coin? When I fight for this issue now and that other issue later, am I not just always fighting?

It is true that injustice for anyone is injustice for everyone. But there are ways of going about it that does not require hate. We can resist with love. I am not talking about hokey touchy feely, let’s not acknowledge that issues exist. I mean addressing issues with condemnation of the person. We all someway have harmed another at some point by our point of view. I’m saying it we start from “you without sin cast the first stone” then move to “I am because we are” maybe we can reach a place that posts meant to wake others up to the injustices in our system that are important to us as individuals are filled a hope and love for the person rather than simply the issue itself.

Loving others who don’t see things the way we see it is hard but it’s necessary for us all to live in a civilized peaceful just society. I think there are more of us in this country that want this than don’t. We may disagree on how but most don’t disagree on what. So, if we know we have some common ground….let’s give peace a chance.😊

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